Black Tea

Black tea, the most consumed tea type in the world. Black tea is a fully oxidized tea that comes from many countries and many regions. Some of the most popular black teas come from India, China, Sri Lanka & some of the most bold black teas grow in Africa. Most popular and most prized are grown in India, China & Sri Lanka. The higher the elevation the tea grows the lighter and more unique the flavour. For example, Assam grown teas are grown in a lower elevation and tend to be bold and darker, where teas that are grown in the Darjeeling area of India are lighter and higher quality and have a more floral finish. Factors that influence the tea growing industry are, elevation, soil & climate. Every black tea is different but the processing method is the same.

Black tea is fully oxidized which gives it its dark appearance. Black tea is picked throughout the year and is dried fully. The tea is either left as a full leaf or CTC cut, (cut, tear, curl). The larger the leaf, the smoother and lighter the tea. CTC cut tend to be much darker and bolder due to the ratio, water to leaf. The smaller the cut the darker the tea. Black tea from India tend to have a malty taste where black teas from China will have a smokey finish. Ceylon teas have a full bodied flavour and are smooth. Most Orange Pekoe grade tea comes from the region of Ceylon in Sri Lanka. Yes, Orange Pekoe is a grade of tea, not a tea type. Which ever you prefer, they are all rich in flavour! 

Some of the health benefits of black tea are, helps prevent heart disease, helps black DNA damage associated with tobacco or other toxic chemicals, lower risk of diabetes, promotes healthy bones and supports your immune system. Google Black Tea health benefits for more health information! 

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