Green Tea

Green Tea - Green tea is also a unoxidized tea that is left out to dry slightly then heat is applied to stop the oxidation process giving the leaves the beautiful green colour. There are many types of green tea as it is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Most of your green teas come from Japan & China. The Japanese steam their green teas and the Chinese pan fire theirs. The taste of each method is very different. Japanese greens have a grassy taste where china greens have a more smokey flavour. Picture this, a piece of broccoli that has been steamed and a piece of broccoli that has been pan fired. The taste is very different. Personally, I prefer my broccoli steamed because it holds more of flavour inside. Japanese green teas are flat leafed and china greens can take on all types of shapes and sizes. 

Japanese Greens:

The Japanese have a classic collection of teas that are of high quality and are the most sought after teas in the world. 

Chinese Greens:

So you can see that the Chinese have many different kinds, many levels of quality, they cut and roll and each one is unique in its own right. The Chinese do produce a flat leaf tea but it is pan-fired and has a different taste than the classic sencha. I tend to steer away from these because the Japanese Sencha is superior, in my opinion. 

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

Green tea contains ECGC which is a catechin, catechins are a powerful antioxidant that are said to help cell damage. There are many studies on the "internet" to help you understand this. Green tea contains many vitamins and minerals and help with brain function, help promote weight loss and so much more! 

Brewing Green Tea: Brewing green tea can be tricky because the leaves are sensitive and your cup could become bitter if you steep it too long or your water is too hot. So keeping your brew 1-2 minutes is best and water under a boil and this will keep your green tea happy! 


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