Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea that is oxidized anywhere from 20% to 80%. Heat is applied to stop oxidation at the desired time of the tea grower. If they want the oolong to be closer to a green tea then oxidation is closer to the 20%. If they desire a darker Oolong, the oxidation is stopped closer to the 80% mark. Think of this process as an apple. If you take a bite out of the apple and leave in on the counter, the apple will start to brown where the bite was taken out. It has been exposed to air which causes the apple to oxidize. If you apply heat to the apple it stops the oxidation process, (ie:baked apple pie). 

Each Oolong is unique and a desired look and taste is achieved  with each Oolong. Oolong teas are typically grown at high elevation in China & Taiwan. Oolong is smooth in flavour with a floral finish. Oolong is typically hand rolled into small balls and as you brew them, they open into a full leaf. You can brew the leaves several times and with each brew, you will get a bright new flavour. Only 2% of the world's population drink Oolong tea, not because it isn't delicious and healthy but because people don't know enough about it! 

Some of the health benefits include, (Dr. Oz loves Oolong tea), Cuts heart disease risk, can promote weight loss, helps prevent diabetes, fights inflammation, improves brain health, improves skin, helps build your immune system.

Below are some images of Oolong tea! As you can see, some are light and some are dark, some are rolled and some are left full leaf but all are delicious and unique! 

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