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Nor'Wester Maple Sugar 227g
Nor'Wester Maple Sugar 227g

Nor'Wester Maple Sugar 227g

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The problem with maple sugar, is that it's too good.

 Put it in coffee for a maple kick-start to your day, dust it over your fruit for a subtle maple treat, add it to your granola for a sweet sensation, eat it by the pinch, it's just that tasty!

 For the ultimate luxury, replace the boring old white sugar in your family recipes to create the sort of dish which can only be described as legendary. 

 The hardest part about Nor'Wester maple sugar, is remembering to keep enough around for your next tasty adventure.

 Go ahead.  Give it a try.

 We'll wait.

 You'll be back for more.

The Nor'Wester Maple Company is a producer of 100% pure maple syrup.Operating in the heart of the Nor'Wester Mountain Range on some of the most northern stands of sugar maple trees in Ontario. The Nor'Wester Maple Company offers the only commercially available maple syrup made in the Thunder Bay district. They specialize in premium grade syrup that surpasses industry standard. Proudly local, proudly Canadian, proudly Northwestern Ontarian.