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Nowhere Bean to Bar Chocolate

Nowhere Bean to Bar Chocolate

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70% craft dark chocolate bars.
  • Nowhere Craft Chocolate & Roastery sources their cacao beans directly from a farm in Venezuela.
  • They then sort and roast them to perfection in small batches.
  • The beans are then cracked and winnowed into nibs which are grinded to make cocoa mass.
  • This cocoa mass is used to make cocoa butter.
  • Cane sugar is incorporated into the cocoa butter until incredibly smooth.
  • After this, the chocolate is tempered and moulded, tempering gives the finished bars shine and snap. 
  • The set chocolate is removed from moulds and hand wrapped.

From there to our shelves. 

Canadian Made (Vermillion Bay, Ontario)

Previously know as The Middle of Nowhere Coffee Roastery AKA The Comfort Table Bakery.