Friendship Blossom

Friendship Blossom

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Friendship Blossom displays orange lily and osmanthus flowers. Its flavour is a lovely jasmine green tea with floral notes.

Blooming tea is a special category of woven Chinese tea, sewn by hand with dehydrated flowers. As you steep your blooming tea bulb you enjoy a beautiful visual experience as it slowly unfurls and is majestically displayed in your glassware. 

This is truly a unique way to invite a moment of calm to your day, a one of a kind experience and also makes the absolute perfect gift.

Place one tea ball in a clear glass tea pot or tea mug. Bring the water to a full boil & pour it into the glass teapot or mug with blooming tea. Blooms can take between 5 and 10 minutes to bloom and can be steeped multiple times without releasing any bitterness, just add more water to your pot/cup.

Medium Caffeine