Austin G6 | Pour Over
Austin G6 | Pour Over

Austin G6 | Pour Over

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The Austin G6 by Grosche is a great pour over coffee maker for people who are experienced with slow drip coffee or for someone just learning how to make pour over coffee. It has a large capacity of 1 litre or 34 fl. oz. So you can make coffee for 1-4 people at a time. The stainless steel coffee filter on the Austin G6 is specially designed. It is made with extra fine stainless steel mesh layered on a laser etched stainless steel frame. The fine mesh filters out all grit from your coffee. That gives you smooth tasting coffee. Paper cone filters are never needed. We highly recommend washing the filter after each use to avoid buildup of coffee oils which can plug up the coffee filter.

With your purchase of this product, GROSCHE is able to provide 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need.

Ideal for multiple servings of coffee at a time.

Size: Height  centimeters /  inches : Width  centimeters / inches 

Capacity:  1000 milliliters  / 34 fluid ounces

Dishwasher Safe