Matcha | Everyday

Matcha | Everyday

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Premium bright green, extra-fine, stone-ground 1st flush matcha. Lower quality than Ceremonial Grade but is still full of the flavor and antioxidants you're looking for in a cup of Matcha. When made into a traditional Matcha, this powdered green tea is still vibrantly green but isn't the rich jewel tone you get from Ceremonial Matcha.
The perfect everyday choice to invigorate your mind and body. It can also be enjoyed with a little bit of sweetness or with added steamed milk.

Organic  Grade "A" Matcha Powder

Medium Caffeine

Matcha Health Benefits: High in vitamins and antioxidants, promotes healthy skin and boosts brain function.  High in EGCG which may cause apoptosis and inhibit growth in several types of cancers.