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Nor'Wester Maple Syrup 125ml

Nor'Wester Maple Syrup 125ml

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Maple syrup isn't just maple syrup. 

Let's get that out of the way right off the bat.

The syrup you can buy in the store is usually made in massive, industrial operations in Québec, where sap from hundreds of different farmed sugarbushes is mixed together; the good, the bad, and the ugly, to make a product which is, on the whole... okay. 

Nor'Wester maple syrup in particular is a unique food, grown semi-wild on the edges of a much wilder forest, and gently caramelized over a roaring wood fire on the edge of an outcropping of Canadian shield, as otters and moose watch, leaving their tracks around our sugarhouse. 

The Nor'Wester Maple Company is a producer of 100% pure maple syrup. Operating in the heart of the Nor'Wester Mountain Range on some of the most northern stands of sugar maple trees in Ontario. The Nor'Wester Maple Company offers the only commercially available maple syrup made in the Thunder Bay district. They specialize in premium grade syrup that surpasses industry standard. Proudly local, proudly Canadian, proudly Northwestern Ontarian.